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Psychic Medium Denise Lees
Meet Denise Lees

Meet Denise Lees

Hello and welcome to my website.  I hear, sense and sometimes see the spirits that I am contacting.  I   receive actual messages in the form of conversation not just a symbol.    I can give you the message that I receive and at that point you can always ask for more detail. 


 I have been studying spirituality since 1979.  Every medium that I went to told me that I was a psychic medium .  Since I know everyone is psychic I didn't think much of it.  Then I started practicing auto writing and people that I knew that had passed started coming in and giving me messages to pass on to their loved ones.  I wondered if it were real.  Then I would give their loved ones the message and they would validate what the message meant.  I found that most of the time I could ask for a particular person that had passed to come through and they would.  I have found this to be so rewarding.  As I have had my share of loved ones pass and dealt with the grief, it always helped me to heal when I had contact with them.  I would love to help you too. 

A little bit about my background.  I was a high school art teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area for three years.  Then I started a custom hand painted tile and sink business that lasted for 17 years.  After that I moved to the foothills of Northern California and became a realtor for 14 years.  Now I have retired and I am practicing my mediumship full time.  Life is good!

I live in one of the wine regions of California.  I  do group readings at the local wineries,

and that is how I was given the name of "Happy Hour Medium".  The group readings are given

at Happy Hour and it is a memorable fun time for all!

Types of Readings

Types of Readings

Connect to Loved Ones
that have Passed Over

You may have a question for a loved one that has passed or you may want to see if they just have a message for you.  They want to connect to us as much as we want to connect to them.  I have found that their messages are always from a place of love, guidance and protection.

Ghost/Earth Bound Spirit Questions

Earth Bound spirits have not crossed over into the light.  They may be trying to protect something or someone.  They do not realize that they can go into the light and still return.  If you are living with an earth bound spirit I can try to find out what is going on and why.

Questions Regarding
the Future or Past Lives

Let me ask for you any questions you may have regarding the Future or Past Lives as I access the Akashic Records.


I've connected to pets that have passed over.  They may tell me what they are doing and they may have a message for you regarding their life and their passing.



Janett...Thank you so much.  The language especially my Dad's sounds just like him.

Cheryl... Thank you! How could you know what was going on here!

Jane... My Mom was reading my mind for sure!

Brenda... my sister's dog that has passed was always afraid of the back door, you're amazing!

Paige...You truly do have a wonderful gift and we are all grateful.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Diane...Thank you Denise...this is beautiful.  Totally makes sense.

Sue...I am so grateful for the time taken to contact these three people that were in my life, Denise.  Responses are consistent with each of them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a blessing.

Readings via phone
or in person in Murphys, CA

Readings via phone, email & text




     You can make an appointment                    via   text , email or phone  at:


Contact Info to book or inquire






(Also includes a 15 message that I will write down during my pre reading meditation)



$60 for 1/2 Hour

$95 for 1 hour


$125 for 1 hour

(This also includes a 15 minute message that I will write down during my pre reading meditation)




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DISCLAIMER:  No information and /or advise given to you by Denise Lees should take the place of medical, legal or financial advice given to you by a qualified professional in that field.  Denise Lees regards her work as inspirational and helpful and always conducts her readings with honesty and integrity.  However Denise Lees strongly suggests that you accept any and all information given to you as strictly metaphysical in nature and as entertainment.  Denise Lees will not accept responsibility for any actions that you personally take based on advise or information obtained during a reading.

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